Custom made furniture is often part of our complete interiors. And every space is different, just like our assignments. It is still an important part of our work. Because of our years of experience in the production of high quality custom made furniture! Because their reputation with clients,  designers and architects is excellent!

ISSOS - maatwerk meubels
HQ ABN AMRO, Gustav Mahlerlaan, Amsterdam

You may have come across our custom made furniture once. A Customs desk at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, a counter or ATM at your local bank branche. As part of our complete interiors, but also as "stand alone". We produce a wide range of custom made furniture; seating and standing furniture, storage and sales furniture, too much to mention ….

By bringing together our team of experienced professionals and advanced machinery, we build custom solutions to serve our clients’ wishes.

During the production process we use state-of-the-art CNC machinery, supervised by our IMOS Autocad System.

We also have a styrofoam cutting machine. This machine enables us to produce every organic form to which we can apply every possible coating.

We use sustainable raw materials from reliable and (FSC)certified suppliers all over the world. In most cases these are wood and wood-derived materials, but also (eco)plastics and bamboo.

ISSOS - Maatwerk meubels
Departure filter Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
ISSOS - maatwerk meubels
City Office Zijlpoort Haarlem

High profile components of the bigger picture

The design of our clients’ office, commercial or public space is important for their brand image. Custom made furniture can be a distinctive factor in this. It is an expression of a company’s vision. Issos is able to shape this expression into innovative, high-profile and durable custom made furniture.