Our story

1992 Utrecht

In 1992 Issos started in Utrecht, the Netherlands, as a one-man company specializing in the construction of shop interiors.

From Decimalaan, Herman Bosvelt set up various store concepts in the Netherlands and abroad and installed petrol station chains. Clients increasingly hired him for custom-made furniture and complete interiors.

Issos Interieurbouw was born.

2012 Aalsmeer

In the spring of 2012 we moved to our current business premises on Molenvlietweg in Aalsmeer.

Thanks to the larger housing, we have been able to expand and optimize the production options. In our production hall of more than 1400 m2 and in the office, we execute the projects of our clients.

Our company operates at the center of great economic activity; national and international banking, major financial and public institutions, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague metropolitan regions, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. From here we work for clients at home and abroad.

At the time, Issos was one of the first interior construction companies in the Netherlands to use a computer-controlled CNC machine in production. The most recent (2019) purchase for the machinery is a fully computer-controlled extraction installation. The desired extraction capacity is tailored to the demand from the machinery. This results in significant energy savings. Again a sustainable investment.

With our state-of-the-art machinery, experienced and dedicated team and our exceptional approach, Issos is ready for the future!

“Why make things difficult when we can do it together?”


In 1998 we moved to larger business premises on Zomerdijk in IJsselstein, near Utrecht.

Here our furniture makers started working immediately with highly advanced machinery. Computer-controlled CNC machines required training for them and the work planners.

Our clients appreciated our expertise, commitment and focus on results. As a result, in addition to assembly work, Issos increasingly was hired for the realization of complete interiors and the production of custom-made furniture. Expansion of the team and machinery was therefore required.

The scope of our activities has grown with the steadily expanding group of leading clients. We have worked on impressive projects of limited size, but we were increasingly hired for bigger assignments by large companies and institutions, such as banks, Governement ministries, educational institutions and airports.

At the beginning of 2012, we again ran into the limits of our production location in IJsstelstein. At that moment an excellent business opportunity occured: the takeover of a fully equipped interior construction company in Aalsmeer. After a minimal renovation, we have continued our ever-increasing business activities here; the business premises have grown with the business activities once again.